Pixeldude is a mobile runner game which allows gamers to collect pixels to save the world while teaching the evolution of computer graphics.

Pixeldude walking“You are Pixeldude, one of the last pixel dots on Planet 1024. Over the years, your evil twin brother Deadpixel got greedy. He started stealing every pixel he could find and created these evil minions to defend him. The impact was felt throughout, reducing the real world to 8-bit graphics. But due to his negligence, Deadpixel left a trail of pixels as he was fleeing. Now you must follow this trail of pixels to rebuild the planet and stop Deadpixel in his tracks!”

As an introduction to a Game Design & Development minor we were given 3 weeks to build a mobile game in a teams of 4. The criteria for the game very clear: The game must have an intriguing story for the player on the go. The game duration must be short enough so the player can play the game in quick sessions.





The Game

Main Menu
Level 1 – Grayscale
Level 2 – Windy Field
Level 3 – City Skyline
Level 4 – Dusty Desert
Level 5 – Outer Space